No matter what car you drive, we have the parts you need to enhance the performance of your car.
Haldex-LSD is on the market for a long time now and has a lot of experience. No matter in which areas you need help, we can help you! From the very beginning, customers have always been our priority, because they make it possible that we are at this point in our history.

But not only customers are extremely important to us, also the quality and diversity of our products. We check every single part which gets released down to the smallest detail to provide you with the best quality.

We care about you, we are Haldex!

Great Quality

Our parts are subjected to tough tests and therefore promise the best quality.


In the course of time we have made sure that every car owner will find what he is looking for. As a result, we have now covered a huge range of car brands.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, a member of our staff is always available to help you with your problem until it is solved.

Our Team

In our team there is a balance between experienced technicians and young beginners who are just acquiring knowledge to help you. However, all employees have one thing in common, and that is openness to new things. Therefore, all of them are constantly educating themselves and always stay on the cutting edge of the latest technology. With this mixture of motivated employees we have created a family atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable and strives to become better and better.